Mike Johnson

UK Director of Photography and Television Cameraman

Hi, I’m Mike. I work as a Director of Photography, Lighting Cameraman, cameraperson and camera operator for broadcast and corporate productions across the UK. You can book me as a DoP, location single camera owner operator for PSC, as camera supervisor or camera operator on a multicamera crew recording in studio or outside broadcast, filming pre-recorded or transmitting live on air. And as a CAA-approved drone pilot, I can also capture aerial drone footage to add that bigger perspective to your shoot. I have 25 years experience in operating all variations of television cameras and can easily adapt my shooting style to all types of tv shows.


Call it what you like. But I just love crafting fast paced car sequences on Fifth Gear. Braving the elements on Countryfile. Collaborating in comedy for Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back. And capturing the finer detail for the experts on the Antiques Roadshow. It’s all part of my work as a Director of Photography and PSC owner-operator.


I love the thrill of working as part of a big team for a live show or large event. From camera supervising One Man and His Dog, to capturing the unpredictability of nature on Springwatch, or reacting to a fast paced sport from boxing to rugby to F1 – there’s nothing like the adrenalin rush of filming live.

aerial & drone

Seeing the big picture is important. My drone footage can add movement, height and epic landscapes to any story. As a CAA-approved drone pilot I have all the correct permissions and insurances in place to capture aerial photography for commercial and broadcast production teams.

Go Behind the scenes with Cameraman and Director of Photography
Mike Johnson

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back
Animal Park
Fifth Gear Recharged

Director of Photography BBC Antiques Roadshow
Antiques Roadshow
The Gadget Show
Director of Photography Springwatch
Director of Photography RHS Flower Shows
RHS Flower Shows
Director of Photography Royal Shakespeare Company
Royal Shakespeare Company

Camera Operator Beach Live
Beach Live
Director of Photography Gardeners World
Gardeners’ World
Camera Operator Lambing Live
Lambing Live

DoP The Bad Skin Clinic
The Bad Skin Clinic
Director of Photography Live Capture
Ex Cathedra Live Capture
Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature
Grand Designs
Blue Peter
Piers Morgan’s Life Stories
Outside Broadcast Cameraman
Sports Outside Broadcasts
ITV Cameraman
Give a Pet a Home

Lighting Cameraman Embarrassing Bodies
Embarrassing Bodies
Camera Operator 5 Soldiers  Capture and Live Stream
Award winning performance live stream
Camera Person Comedy
Comedy Against Living Miserably
Big Cat Live

Multi Camera Supervisor National Treasures Live
National Treasures Live
Head to Head
Lighting Cameraman How To Look Good Naked
How To Look Good Naked

Who is Mike Johnson cameraman?

Captivating close ups, scene-setting wides, and subtle shifts in focus that add depth to your story. As a lighting cameraman, I always aim to do more than simply capture a moment. I craft shots that are not only perfectly lit and composed, but are intended to give you a library of creative visual content that supports the editorial vision for your production.

I’ve been a cameraman since 1997, after completing camera operator training with the BBC. Being a BBC cameraman was a solid grounding for my career. But it’s being freelance since 2001 that has given me the best opportunities to work across the UK and internationally.

Being a Birmingham cameraman means I’m centrally located with easy access to the the wider West Midlands, London, Manchester, Wales and most other regions of the UK.

As an owner operator, I have a range of cameras, lighting and audio kit available for use on productions. I’d love to chat with you about how I can help you on your next production.